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Anuvrat Essay Writing Competition

     Category                         Name                               Class                 Position   Essay English              Neha Choudhary                         IX-A                   Consolation   Essay English              Sahil    

Summative Assessment II

SA II will commence from 15th February 2017. The datesheet is available in download section of Updates.

SA II : Class IX:

The datesheet can be downloaded from Updates section

Results-16th All India HOPE Talent Contest

Essay Writing Competition: 1. Mohit Sharma (I C): Gold Medal 2. Manav (IV A) : Bronze Medal 3. Aayush Kant Jha (IV B) : Bronze Medal Congratulations to all the winners.

SA II commences from 15th February 2017

The datesheet can be downloaded from Updates section of Website

16th All India HOPE Talent Contest

Art Competition: 1. Nirjara (I B) - Gold medal 2. Shourya (I C)-  Silver Medal 3. Nivaan Prasad (I A)- Silver Medal,  4. Aditya Kumar Singh (II B)- Gold Medal 5.Arnav Prakash (IV C)- Bronze Medal 6. Jayant Jain (V B) - Bronze Medal 7. Hitesh (V C) - Bronze Medal 8. Jai Gopal ( VI B) - Silver Medal 9. Aarav Sharma (Pre School A)- Gold Me

Admission Criterion

SELECTION CRITERION FOR NURSERY ADMISSION (2017-18) S.NO.          PARAMETERS                               POINTS 1.                 Neighbourhood:                                50                    Upto 1 Km      – 50       

Admission Schedule

       For Admissions at Entry Level, i.e Pre School: Date of Issue of Registration Form    :  02/01/2017 Last Date of receipt of  Form            :  14/02/2017 Display of 1st List of Candidates       :  07/03/2017 Display of 2nd List of Candidates      :  17/03/2017 Closure of Admission Procedure       :

Republic Day

Republic Day celebrated in school on 25th January. The Principal hoisted the National Flag followed by a enthrilling colourful programme by students.

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